Academic Circulars
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೨೪/೧೧/೨೦೨೦ 2020-21 PG Admission Formation of Scrutiny Committee for varification of documents for Students under NCC/NSS/Sports/Scout & Guide Download
೨೪/೧೧/೨೦೨೦ 2020-21 PG Admission for all courses limit increased by 20% Download
೨೪/೧೧/೨೦೨೦ PG Fees Structure 2020-21 Download
೧೮/೧೧/೨೦೨೦ About Language Selection in the Fifth and Sixth Semesters of all Postgraduate Courses Download
/೧೧/೨೦೨೦ Getting Lid Letter from Students Attending Bachelor's and Postgraduate Classes Download
೧೧/೧೧/೨೦೨೦ Colleges of Reoperating for SOP Download
೦೫/೧೧/೨೦೨೦ B.Ed Fees Structure 2020-21 Download
೦೫/೧೧/೨೦೨೦ B.Ed 2nd and 4th Semester SOP Download
೦೫/೧೧/೨೦೨೦ 21-10-2020 B.Ed Principal's Meeting Proceedings Download
೨೧/೧೦/೨೦೨೦   UG Admission Circular 2020-21 Download
೧೨/೧೦/೨೦೨೦  Revised UG Calendar of Events 2020-21 Download
೦೫/೧೦/೨೦೨೦  S eminar / Webinar on 08/10/2020 Download
//೨೦೨೦ Revised-IVth UG Calendar of Events 2020-21 Download
೨೩/೦೯/೨೦೨೦ Revised PG Calendar of Events 2020-21 Download
೧೪/೦೯/೨೦೨೦ Revised UG Calendar of Events 2020-21 Download
27/08/2020 Revised B.Ed Notification (II and IVth Semesters) 2020-21 Download
24/08/2020 Revised UG Calendar of Events 2020-21 Download
೧೭/೦೮/೨೦೨೦ About the incorporation of 5th and 6th semester syllabus of all postgraduate courses for the academic year 2020-21 on the University website Download
೧೪/೦೮/೨೦೨೦  Academic year 2020-21 for various Post Graduate Courses of Fees Structure Download
೦/೦೮/೦೮ Events of the PG Calendar of Tentative Notification Download
೦/೦೮/೦೮  Examinations for the Revised Calendar of Events Examinations Academic Year 2019-20 and the New Academic Year 2020-21 (PG) Download
೦೭/೦೮/೨೦೨೦  Examinations Academic Year 2019-20 (UG) Download
೩೧/೦೭/೨೦೨೦  UG Calendar of Events 2020-21 Download
೩೧/೦೭/೨೦೨೦  UG Fees Structure 2020-21 Download
೨೯/೦೭/೨೦೨೦  Final semester students for regular classes for guidinglines Download
೨೩/೦೭/೨೦೨೦  PG Calendar of Events Academic Year-2019-20 Starting and New Academic Year-2020-21 Download
೨೩/೦೭/೨೦೨೦  UG Calendar of Events Academic Year-2019-20 Starting and New Academic Year-2020-21 Download
೧೫/೦೬/೨೦೨೦  About conducting exams and resuming academic institutions Download
೨೬/೦೫/೨೦೨೦  All Affiliated B.Ed Colleges for Circular Download
೨೯/೦೧/೨೦೨೦ KSET Nodal Officer, KSAWU Download
೧೩/೦೧/೨೦೨೦ Convocation Application Form - 2018-19 Download
೧೩/೦೧/೨೦೨೦ 2004 to 2016-17 Convocation Application Form Download
೧೦/೦೧/೨೦೨೦ 11th Convocation Notification-2020 Download
೩೧-೧೨-೨೦೧೯ UG Courses for Arts and Science combination Download
೨೩-೧೨-೨೦೧೯ On the compulsory subject of the Chaturth semester of the 7th academic line Download
೨೬-೧೧-೨೦೧೯ Re-Revised PG Calendar of Events 2019-20 Download
೨೬-೧೧-೨೦೧೯ Revised-III UG Calendar of Events 2019-20 Download
೧೪-೧೦-೨೦೧೯ B.Ed Admission Notification 2019-20 Download
೧೪-೧೦-೨೦೧೯ Proceedings of the BED Principals Meeting held on 6/08/2009 Download
೧೧/೦೯/೨೦೧೯ Academic year for B.Ed fee structure 2019-20 Download
೨೬/೦೭/೨೦೧೯ Annual Schedule of Revised Grade 5- Bachelor's Degree Courses Download
೨೪/೦೭/೨೦೧೯ On starting a computer application as a compulsory subject in the third semester from the academic year 1-3 Download
೦೫/೦೭/೨೦೧೯ Academic year for PG & BPEd Courses for Abstract Fees structure 2019-20 Download
೦೫/೦೭/೨೦೧೯ PG Fees Structure for Affiliated Colleges The Academic Year 2019-20 Download
೦೫/೦೭/೨೦೧೯ PG Diploma & Certificate Courses for Abstract Fees Structure Academic Year 2019-20 Download
೦೭/೦೨/೨೦೧೯ PG / PG Diploma, Certificate Course, BPEd Courses Calendar of Events for the year 2019-20 Download
೦೪/೦೬/೨೦೧೯ Certificate of Eligibility Download
೨೨/೦೨/೨೦೧೯ Restoration of graduate education Download
೨೪/೦೧/೨೦೧೯ On compulsory subject teaching in the second semester of all postgraduate courses, from Universal Grades 1-5 Download
೧೪/೧೨/೨೦೧೮ Govt. B.Ed Admissions for taking order Download
೨೩/೧೧/೨೦೧೮ B.Ed Fees Structure 2018-19 Download
೨೦/೧೧/೨೦೧೮ PG Revised Calendar of Events 2018/19 Download
೨೦/೧೧/೨೦೧೮ B.Ed course for Revised Notification The academic year 2017/18 Download
೧೭/೧೧/೨೦೧೮ B.Ed 1st and 2nd Semester Notification Download
೧೭/೧೧/೨೦೧೮ B.Ed 3rd and 4th Semester Notification Download
೧೩/೧೧/೨೦೧೮ 17/10/2018 B.Ed Principal's Meeting Proceedings Download
೩೧/೧೦/೨೦೧೮ Amendment M.Phil / Ph.D.-Regulations Download
೩೧/೧೦/೨೦೧೮ Ph.D Regulations 2016 Download
೩೧/೧೦/೨೦೧೮ M.Phil Regulations 2016 Download
೧೦/೧೦/೨೦೧೮ Annual Schedule of Graduate Courses for Grades 1-3 Download
೦೯/೧೦/೨೦೧೮ Principal meeting adjourned Download
೩೦/೦೮/೨೦೧೮ On revising the syllabus of all postgraduate courses from the revised 5th standard to Uniform courses Download
೦೮/೦೮/೨೦೧೮ The 2018-19 Year for Affiliated Colleges in the PG Fees Structure Download
೦೩/೦೮/೨೦೧೮ Migration Certificate 2019-20 Download
೨೮/೦೭/೨೦೧೮ Revising the Annual Timetable of all Graduate Courses in Grades 1-3 Download
೨೧/೦೭/೨೦೧೮ Admission to the Women VV Postgraduate Course: Expanding the Application Period Download
೧೨/೦೭/೨೦೧೮ About Admission to Postgraduate 2nd and 4th Semester Courses Download
೦೫/೦೭/೨೦೧೮ On changing the curriculum of all the postgraduate courses from Universal Grade 1 to 5  Download
೦೪/೦೭/೨೦೧೮   Admission Fee for Master's Degree in Grades 1-3 Download
೨೦/೦೬/೨೦೧೮ 1-4 Qualification Certificate Application Form Download
೨೦/೦೬/೨೦೧೮ Annual timetable for revised 5th-degree undergraduate courses Download
09/04/2018 Commerce seniority list format Download
05/04/2018 B.Ed Calendar of Events 2018-19 Download
14/03/2018 B.Ed Eligibility Form Download
04/01/2018 B.Ed Fees Structure for the Year 2017/18 in Dept.of Education, Akkamahadevi Women's University, Vijayapura Download